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Til it happens to you by Lady Gaga

You tell me it gets better, it gets better in timeYou say I’ll pull myself together, pull it togetherYou’ll be fineTell me what the hell do you knowWhat do you knowTell me how the hell could you knowHow could you know‘Til it happens to you, you don’t knowHow it feelsHow it feels‘Til it happens to you, you won’t knowIt won’t …

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Victory beyond the mountain by Tina Dabi

Tina Dabi, AIR-1 in UPSC 2015, regarded as the second toughest examination across the world. As a child, you dream, as a teenager, acquire and as a mind (age being a number), conquer. We must befriend learning to reach greater heights in life, emerging victorious within the crests and troughs of the dilemma. Tina Dabi secured the first rank in …

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12 Rules of becoming the best version of yourself by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

1. There is only you Understand what makes you unique. Go after what you want, not what is expected out of you or by the society, which is largely patriarchal. Don’t be afraid of change, for it is the only constant. Your dreams will evolve 2. Made choices Recognizing opportunities is very important, as they don’t come too often. Be …

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