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Inspiring Story Of Muniba Mazari How She Painted Her Disability To Become Iron Lady Of Pakistan

Inspiring Story Of Muniba Mazari How She Painted Her Disability To Become Iron Lady Of Pakistan
Inspiring Story Of Muniba Mazari How She Painted Her Disability To Become Iron Lady Of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari was born on 3 March, 1987. She is only 28 years of age . She belongs to Baloch background and her hometown is Rahim Yar Khan. She has done Bachelors in Fine Arts . Muniba has been wheelchair bound since 2007 due to a tragic road traffic accident which has changed her life.

In year 2007, Muniba was heading towards her hometown when she met a dreadful accident that made her paraplegic for entire life. Her husband Khurram Shahzad fell asleep while driving the vehicle, which caused the accident. Muniba got seriously injured and was unable to feel her legs. She was carried in a Jeep, as there was no Ambulance available in that part of the City. She had to stay in hospital bed for entire 2 years. Then she got moved to a Wheelchair that was her companion for the rest for her life.

Bad days of her life started after the accident report Muniba Mazari’s Husband divorced her because of her disability and she was left alone with her adopted son Neal. Not only her Husband, but her Father also left their family in such pain.

She spent 2 years in Hospital bed and those were the most difficult years of her Life. She felt helpless. She used to chop her hair off, in frustration, when they used to get stuck in hair brush. But her bravery started dominating all these painful feelings.

She is a divorced girl and abandoned daughter, but instead of moaning she summoned up her courage and nourished her adopted son alone. According to Muniba Mazari, her true strength was always her mother who continuously motivated her and heightened her spirit.

Although wheel chair bound, her spirit and artistry knows no bounds. In fact, she takes the agony of spinal cord injury as a challenge and is more determined to express her sentiments through her art work.

Currently, she is running her brand by the name ‘Muniba’s Canvas’ with the slogan ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’. She is a mix media artist and believes in depicting the ethnic jewels of her region in an abstract way. Some of her work is purely abstract which depicts the humans’ expressions, their thoughts and dreams. Her paintings give the message of living life and represent the real personality of the artist. She has the honor of being the first anchor who is on wheelchair. She has also left her imprint in the field of modeling as the first wheelchair-bound model of Pakistan.

The United Nations entity for Empowerment of women and the Gender Equality, has named Muniba Mazari as Pakistan’s First female Goodwill ambassador to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women. Muniba has been an active part of many social campaigns. She has always spread awareness about child violence , gender discrimination etc. She has always worked for children’s rights and education and guided people against child abuse.. Muniba Mazari got featured in BBC 100 Women List for 2015.

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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