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Hindi Poem: Meri Aankh Mein Aanso Hain By Arun Pandit

Meri Aankh mein aanso hain magar main roo nahi sakta ( I will not cry ) – Hindi poem by Arun Pandit

Hindi Poem: Meri Aankh Mein Aanso Hain By Arun Pandit

The poem “Meri Aankh Mein Aanso Hain” reflects deep emotions and inner turmoil. The poet wonders why tears flow incessantly, creating an endless river of sorrow. The heart resonates with pain, and forgotten memories resurface like distant echoes. The vast expanse of emotions seems to return from the empty horizon, crashing against the shores of consciousness. The poet likens this experience to a volcanic fire, leaving traces of its intensity. Tears, like dewdrops, fall from the eyes, carrying the weight of unspoken stories.

The poem explores the paradox of suffering and love. The heart, once immersed in intoxicating illusions, now bears the ache of unfulfilled desires. Amidst this emotional storm, the poet finds solace in the bittersweet pain of love. The heart becomes a sanctuary where tears flow freely, and compassion resides. The poet marvels at the beauty of this ephemeral existence, where pain and pleasure intertwine.

In the end, the poet acknowledges the impermanence of life. Like stars illuminating the dark night, memories offer fleeting moments of joy. The beloved, who once seemed distant, now appears in the poet’s life like a cherished dream. The poem celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, finding meaning even in tears and longing.

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