12 Rules of becoming the best version of yourself by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

1. There is only you Understand what makes you unique. Go after what you want, not what is expected out of you or by the society, which is largely patriarchal. Don’t be afraid of change, for it is the only constant. Your dreams will evolve 2. Made choices Recognizing opportunities is very important, as they don’t come too often. Be …

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Elon Musk Three Golden Rules for Effective Meetings

There are three golden rules for effective meetings by Elon Musk are the following: 1. No large meetings In the aforementioned email, Musk wrote the following: “Please get rid of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.” In one interview, Musk said that a typical meeting …

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Love Conquers all , even Cancer : The Inspiring Story of NITIE Alumni Abhishek & Pooja

I meet Abhishek Dutta, an Alumni of NITIE , one of the most prestigious Supply Chain institute of India at Loadshare Networks East Partners meet in Kolkata . We were assigned the same room for the event . During the night we were having a casual discussion about few of our supply chain pilots and our mutual love for Arsenal …

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Introspective Wallpaper On Mess To Growth By Kritika Sehgal

Mess To Growth By Kritika Sehgal -Dontgiveupworld © It is your mind that tells you whether the situation is a mess or whether you perceive it as something that can be managed. How you end up in the situation depends on how you see it.  If your mind tells you that the situation is a mess, it is due to …

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Last Call for Entries : Don’t Give Up : An Anthology of Inspirational Stories & Poems by Pulmis

“Don’t Give Up World : An Anthology !” Sometimes One thought ! One moment ! One Story or One Poem can change someone’s life ! It gives me extreme pleasure to share that DONT GIVE UP WORLD in association with Pulmis will bring to you our First Book titled “Don’t Give Up World : An Anthology !” Currently multiple people …

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Parable Of Hunting Antelope And Field Mice@dontgiveupworld

Parable Of Hunting Field Mice And Antelope

This parable is shared by Tim Ferriss in a podcast which used by American politician Newt Gingrich to know the productivity of a person. A lion is capable of hunting both field mice and antelope. If lion chooses to hunt field mice to satisfy its hunger it will provide only temporary satisfaction. But in long run it needs more energy …

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