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Last Call for Entries : Don’t Give Up : An Anthology of Inspirational Stories & Poems by Pulmis

“Don’t Give Up World : An Anthology !” Sometimes One thought ! One moment ! One Story or One Poem can change someone’s life ! It gives me extreme pleasure to share that DONT GIVE UP WORLD in association with Pulmis will bring to you our First Book titled “Don’t Give Up World : An Anthology !” Currently multiple people …

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Parable Of Hunting Antelope And Field Mice@dontgiveupworld

Parable Of Hunting Field Mice And Antelope

This parable is shared by Tim Ferriss in a podcast which used by American politician Newt Gingrich to know the productivity of a person. A lion is capable of hunting both field mice and antelope. If lion chooses to hunt field mice to satisfy its hunger it will provide only temporary satisfaction. But in long run it needs more energy …

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Don’t Give Up Member Launches Flamzy.com: A Unique Video Based HQ Trivia Platform

Test your observations skill & win $400 today at 8:00 PM IST How good is your observation skill. Can you answer questions based on the video you see? If you are confident, the you can win $400usd today. Flamzy.com is launching a live video trivia with a winner prize of $400usd. Just answer 10 questions in a row and win!! Want …

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The 80/20 Rule is one of the most helpful of all concepts of time and life management. It is also called the “Pareto Principle” after its founder, the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who first wrote about it in 1895.Pareto noticed that people in his society seemed to divide naturally into what he called the “vital few,” the top 20 percent …

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Growing Your Bamboo Tree - A Parable On Patience Perseverance And Success@dontgiveupworld

Growing Your Bamboo Tree – A Parable On Patience Perseverance And Success

Grow Your Bamboo Tree In China, they grow a bamboo tree, commonly known as the Chinese bamboo tree. When they sow the seed in ground and water it, nothing happens till the end of the first year. They continue watering it and nurturing it but nothing happens till the end of second year. It fails to sprout even after the …

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5 Things That Will Help You To Keep Moving Forward

Life has many meanings based on the person’s perspective of viewing it. The only thing that makes the difference is that how well you have been through all the life you have. Some times you are happy and having a good time and sometimes you are unhappy with your life and your struggles. What separates the person’s life is how …

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Vibrate High And Leave All Your Problems Below By Kritika Sehgal

VIBRATE HIGH AND LEAVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS BELOW. Whenever we are in midst of a negative situation we tend to think negative. One negative thought attracts another series of negative thoughts. This drains away our energy when we actually need it the most to deal with the situation. To avoid this, try to create a strong positive thought consciously. You …

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