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Unbelievable but TRUE FACTS of THE LEGENDS…….


“At the age of 24,I was a Bus Conductor”


“I didn’t even complete my University Education”

-Bill Gates

“I was the one who served in the Hotesls”

-OWNER OF THE GIANT OBEROI GROUP(Oberoi Malls,Hotels.etc.etc)

“In my childhood days,i stitched shoes”

-Abraham Lincoln

“I worked at a Petrol Pump”

-Dhirubhai Ambani

“I failed in 10th standard”

-Sachin Tendulkar

“Education Drop-Out & initially a keyboard player”


“I slept on a bench for a week & borrowed Rs.20 everyday from a friend to travel to the film city”

-Shah Rukh Khan

“I used to serve tea at a shop to support my football training”

-Lionel Messi

LIFE IS NOT ABOUT WHAT u couldn’t do so far,its actually about WHAT YOU STILL CAN!!!

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