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A Glimpse into “Your D.O.S.T” with Co Founder Ms. Richa Singh , Alumunus IIT Guwahati

SAIL, IITG presents to you an exclusive interview of Ms. Richa Singh which throws light upon her highly successful startup “Your DOST”. Her name has been featured in the list of “7 ordinary Indians doing Extraordinary things” by Huffington Post. The interview emphasizes on the benefits of this website, the opportunities for college students and what our junta can avail from it. Time Stamps for the questions are given below.
Interviewers: Eshan Bhargava and Sujesha Sharma

Who is ‘Richa Singh’? (0:16)
Where were you brought up? How was Life before JEE? (0:58)
What was your first job after college? (1:42)
Where did the idea of own startup come up? How did you know that ‘the thing’ was missing? (2:02)
What is your DOST? Why the name? (4:27)
What is emotional support system? (5:25)
How do ensure that people ‘in need’ contact you? (6:56)
What is the spectrum of people that your startup covers? (8:30)
How do you ensure that the people working are high quality? (8:53)
How does it feel like to be back in the campus? (10:48)
What are the Opportunities for college students in your startup? Can they Intern? (11:18)
What changes are you seeing in the campus? (11:33)
Can the junta anticipate a motivational lecture from “Richa Singh” anytime soon? (12:12)

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Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.


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