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Admiral McRaven’s Inspirational Commencement Speech If You Want To Change The World

Sometimes all you need is a piece of advice and some inspirational words to pull off yourself from dodge.Here is one such speech given by US Navy Admiral. Naval Admiral.William H. McRaven, ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command delivers a powerful commencement speech in University of Texas about change and life. Transcript: If you want to change the world, …

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Meet Prince Who Is Helping Mumbai Street Kids Enrol In Schools

Prince, who runs an NGO in Kandivali, Mumbai has enrolled 49 street children in English Medium Schools. Under the Western Express Highway at Kandivali, Mumbai, live street children, on an uneven ground scattered with pebbles, feathers and trash, horns blaring from all directions. Despite this chaotic environment, these kids are merry. This scene never caught the attention of passersby, but …

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