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Growing Your Bamboo Tree – A Parable On Patience Perseverance And Success

Grow Your Bamboo Tree

In China, they grow a bamboo tree, commonly known as the Chinese bamboo tree. When they sow the seed in ground and water it, nothing happens till the end of the first year. They continue watering it and nurturing it but nothing happens till the end of second year. It fails to sprout even after the end of the third year but the person growing it must continue to irrigate, fertilize and care for it. You will be surprised to know that nothing happens till the end of the fourth year as well.

Then suddenly in the fifth year, something miraculous and incredible happens. Within one week it grows up to 90 feet! That’s nature at its astonishing best.

People growing other trees get result within one season. They are able to enjoy their crop/plants/trees within a couple of seasons but here is a tree that doesn’t even show up till the fifth year but suddenly shoots up to 90 feet in one week alone!

Now the question is: Did the Chinese bamboo tree grow in one week or 5 years & 1 week? The answer is obvious because had the person growing the Chinese bamboo tree stopped nurturing it, watering it and fertilizing it in the period when it was not showing up, the miraculous bamboo tree would have died in the ground.

But if you see someone who is growing a tree and has nothing to show till the end of fourth year and still taking care of the bare ground – watering& nurturing it, you are bound to either make fun of the person or call him maniac! The reason is you would be operating out of mind sight – judging things through mindset and beliefs.

Getting success in life is more or less similar to growing a Chinese bamboo tree in China. You have nothing to show for many years and the people around you begin to make fun of you. They call you fool, idiot and urge you to quit and I say Keep your faith in what you’re growing, they are operating out of eye sight and cannot see what you can see… your bamboo tree is expanding its root to sustain the impending stupendous growth that is bound to come. You will get that result sooner or later but you must believe in your bamboo tree.

What other people think of you is not your business its their business. It has nothing to do with your business. Focus on your own growth and success. One day you will reap the results.

Growing Your Bamboo Tree - A Parable On Patience Perseverance And Success@dontgiveupworld
Growing Your Bamboo Tree – A Parable On Patience Perseverance And Success

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