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In uncertain times, think like a mother

In uncertain times, think like a mother

In uncertain times, think like a mother by Yifat Susskind.

About Yifat Susskind: Yifat Susskind is Executive Director of Madre, an international organisation that partners community-based women’s groups to meet urgent needs and create lasting change.

In Uncertain Times, Think Like a Mother

Women’s rights activist Yifat Susskind offers a simple yet powerful approach to confronting the world’s most pressing crises: think like a mother. In her thought-provoking TED Talk, Susskind emphasizes that when we adopt this mindset, we prioritize the needs of the many over the whims of the few1.

But what does it mean to think like a mother? Let’s delve into this concept:

Empathy and Compassion: Mothers are known for their boundless empathy and compassion. They instinctively care for their children, ensuring their well-being even in challenging circumstances. When we think like a mother, we extend this empathy beyond our immediate circle. We recognize the struggles faced by others—whether they’re across the street or across the globe.

Long-Term Vision: Mothers think about the long-term impact of their decisions. They invest time, effort, and love into nurturing their children, knowing that these efforts will shape their future. Similarly, thinking like a mother means considering the long-term consequences of our actions. It’s about making choices that benefit not just ourselves but also generations to come.

Community and Solidarity: Mothers build communities. They connect with other parents, share experiences, and support one another. When we think like a mother, we recognize our interconnectedness. We stand in solidarity with those who face adversity. We understand that collective action is essential for positive change.

Resilience and Adaptability: Mothers are resilient. They face sleepless nights, juggle responsibilities, and adapt to unexpected challenges. Thinking like a mother means embracing resilience. It’s about finding solutions, even when the odds seem insurmountable. It’s recognizing that setbacks are part of the journey, but we can overcome them.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations: Mothers fiercely protect their children. When we think like a mother, we advocate for the vulnerable—the marginalized, the oppressed, and those without a voice. We fight for justice, equality, and human rights. We refuse to accept a world where some suffer needlessly.

Susskind shares moving stories of people worldwide who embody this mindset. From grassroots activists to everyday individuals, they prioritize the well-being of others. They act selflessly, driven by a maternal instinct that transcends biological boundaries.

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