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Happiness is a choice not a result by Ralph Marston

Happiness is a choice not a result by Ralph Marston

The Happiness is a choice not a result by Ralph Marston

Happiness is a choice not a result

Ralph Marston

Choosing Joy: A Tale of Intentional Happiness


In the quaint village of Serenity Springs, nestled amidst rolling hills and blooming meadows, resides a woman named Eliza. Her life, like a canvas, awaits the brushstrokes of her choices. These words, whispered by her grandmother, echo through time, urging Eliza to embrace joy on her own terms.

The Morning Ritual

A Conscious Decision

Each dawn, Eliza stands by her window, watching the sun paint the sky. She inhales the crisp air, savoring the promise of a new day. The quote dances in her mind: “The happiness is a choice not a result.” Eliza knows that her attitude shapes her reality. Today, she chooses joy.

The Garden of Gratitude

Tending to Positivity

Eliza tends to her garden—a riot of colors and fragrances. Roses bloom alongside daffodils, and butterflies flit from petal to petal. Eliza whispers, She nurtures gratitude, pulling out weeds of negativity. Her heart blossoms with contentment.

Conversations with the Oak Tree

Beneath the ancient oak, Eliza shares her dreams. The tree listens, its gnarled branches cradling her hopes. “Why are you always so serene?” Eliza asks. The oak chuckles, leaves rustling. “Because I choose to be,” it replies. “Life’s storms don’t define me; my roots do.”

The Crossroads

Trials and Temptations

Eliza faces challenges—a dwindling savings account, a broken teapot, and a lost friendship. She mends the teapot, plants seeds of forgiveness, and finds solace in simple pleasures. Her heart remains resilient.

The Unexpected Visitor

The Wise Traveler

One misty evening, a traveler arrives—a sage with eyes like ancient constellations. Eliza invites him to share stories. “Why are you always smiling?” she asks. The sage leans on his staff. “Because happiness is a choice,” he says. “I’ve wandered deserts and climbed mountains. Joy is my compass.”

The Legacy

Painting Her Days

Eliza’s hair grays, but her spirit remains vibrant. She teaches children to dance in rainstorms, bakes cookies for neighbors, and tends to her garden.

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