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Inspirational Thoughts By Mother Teresa : Give Your Best Anyway ….

” People Are Often Unreasonable And Self-centered. Forgive Them Anyway. If You Are Kind ,People May Accuse You Of Ulterior motives. Be Kind Anyway. If You Are Honest ,People May Cheat You Be Honest Anyway If You Find Happiness ,People May Be Jealous ,Be Happy Anyway The Good You Do Today May Be Forgotten Tomorrow ,Do Good . Give The …

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Inspirational Story : Ramesh Babu, The Barber Who Owns a Rolls Royce

Leonard Willoughby said, “As you begin to live according to your own guidance and your own daring everything changes completely.” Ramesh Babu, the barber who became a millionaire, did exactly this when he was shaping his dazzling destiny. Stories of personal perseverance, the ones where heroes overcome severe obstacles and achieve dizzying heights of success, have been around since the …

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Motivational wallpaper on Yourself : Instead of being the apple of someone else’s eye

  Motivational wallpaper on Yourself : Quote on Yourself   instead of being the apple of someone else’s eye try to be the apple of  your own eye and recognize your worth and being It’s time to value  yourself and what you bring to this world Be the apple of your own eye Download Motivational wallpaper on Yourself 

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