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Bhagavad Gita Quote By Lord Krishna : Live In Present

Bhagavad Gita Quote By Lord Krishna : Live In Present

Whatever happened , happened for the good

Whatever is happening ,  is happening for the good

And whatever will happen ,  will also happen forthe  good only

You need not to have any regrets for the past

You need not to worry about the future

The present is happening



Bhagavad Gita Quote By Lord Krishna

“The Tapestry of Time: Embracing the Present”


These timeless words echoed through the sun-kissed meadows of Meadowbrook Village. In this tale of acceptance and resilience, we follow the footsteps of Maya, a weaver of stories and keeper of ancient wisdom.

The Weaver’s Loom

Maya sat by her loom, threads of memory and hope entwined in her fingers. Her village whispered tales of joy and sorrow, each thread a moment woven into the fabric of existence. The quote hung on her wall, a reminder that life’s tapestry held both light and shadow.

The Threads of Past

Maya’s heart bore scars—the loss of her parents, dreams unfulfilled, and paths untaken. Yet, she understood that every thread had a purpose. The pain of the past was a loom’s needle, stitching resilience into her soul. “Whatever happened, happened for the good,” she murmured.

The Unfolding Present

One morning, a stranger arrived—a wanderer with eyes like forgotten constellations. He spoke of distant lands and hidden truths. Maya listened, her loom still. The stranger’s words echoed the quote: “Whatever is happening, is happening for the good.” Perhaps he held the key to her present.

The Bridge of Uncertainty

The stranger led Maya to the Bridge of Uncertainty—a narrow path suspended over a chasm. Fear clung to her like dew on morning petals. “What lies beyond?” she asked. The stranger smiled, “The unknown, where blessings hide.” Maya stepped onto the swaying bridge, heart racing.

The Whispering Wind

Midway across, the wind whispered secrets. “Regrets are anchors; let them go.” Maya closed her eyes, releasing memories like paper boats into the abyss. The quote echoed: “You need not have any regrets for the past.” The bridge held her weight, and she danced with uncertainty.

The Horizon Beckons

On the other side, Maya stood atop a hill, gazing at the horizon. The stranger was gone, but his wisdom remained. “Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only.” She embraced the unfolding moments—the laughter of children, dew-kissed mornings, and unexpected sunsets.

The Present’s Gift

Maya wove new threads—the stranger’s stories, the bridge’s sway, and the wind’s whispers. The quote adorned her loom, a mantra for each day. “The present is happening.” She no longer feared the future; it was a canvas waiting for her brushstrokes

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Written by Ritesh Nanda

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