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Becoming a winner by Ritu Soni Srivastava

Becoming a winner by Ritu Soni Srivastava

Becoming a winner by Ritu Soni Srivastava

Ritu Soni Srivastava is Founder & CEO of a VC-funded health-tech startup. Parent. Brand Head for India’s largest telecom major. Award-winning tech-product manager. Programming Head for two of India’s most innovative Radio stations. Prime-time Radio Jockey!

Let’s delve into Ritu Soni Srivastava’s inspiring talk titled “Becoming a Winner” from the INK Talks 2018 conference. In her engaging presentation, Ritu shares valuable insights on how to cultivate a winning mindset. Here’s a concise summary:

Ritu emphasizes that becoming a winner is a skill, and like any skill, it can be learned. She introduces the concept of micro-goals—small, incremental targets that pave the way for significant achievements. By setting and achieving these bite-sized goals, we gradually build the habit of winning.

Here are the key takeaways from Ritu’s talk:

  1. Setting Small Targets: Ritu encourages us to break down our larger objectives into smaller, manageable steps. These mini-goals serve as building blocks toward success. When we consistently achieve these small wins, we reinforce our belief in our abilities.
  2. The Wheel of Belief: Imagine a wheel that represents our self-belief. Each small victory turns this wheel, reinforcing our confidence. Over time, this positive momentum accumulates, propelling us toward bigger accomplishments.
  3. Consistency: Ritu emphasizes the importance of consistency. Regularly hitting our micro-goals creates a positive feedback loop. It trains our mind to expect success, making winning a natural part of our journey.
  4. Mindset Shift: Instead of fixating on monumental achievements, focus on the small victories. Celebrate each step forward, no matter how minor. This shift in mindset transforms the way we perceive success.

In summary, Ritu Soni Srivastava’s talk reminds us that winning is a journey, and every small step counts. By setting achievable goals and celebrating our progress, we can cultivate a winning mindset.

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