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Motivational Quote on Dont Lose Hope in Hindi

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Hi Arun, Thanks for such a motivational poem. These words can change some one’s life. I lke the spirit. I lost my monm when i was too young. I was abt to lose my dad too, but then the doctors said….don’t cry. Most of the times, it is necessary to look beyond failures in life as academics is not the only deciding factor to be successful if life. Regards, Anita

Hi Arun,

Nice words, precise and compact. Excerpt of this poem could speak more than explanations. I really liked and enjoyed it.


Thank you Saurabh for the words of encouragement … please feel to share your story with us … I am sure it will inspire other people …

I really like this poem very much. It is really inspiring and close to my fighting attitude;
Your words are motivational.

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