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Quote on Obstacles by Robin Sharma

Quote on Obstacles by Robin Sharma

Obstacles are the cost of greatness.
-Robin Sharma

Quote on Obstacles by Robin Sharma

The Price of Ascent: A Journey Beyond Obstacles


In the heart of the Himalayas, where snow-capped peaks kissed the sky, lived a young mountaineer named Kavi. His dream was to conquer the treacherous Kailash Range—a feat that had eluded even seasoned climbers. Kavi’s resolve burned brighter than the frosty winds; he believed that every obstacle was a toll booth on the road to greatness.

The Base Camp

At the base camp, Kavi met an old Sherpa named Tenzin. Wrinkles etched Tenzin’s face, each line a testament to the mountains he had scaled. “Kavi,” he said, “the path to the summit is not paved with ease. It demands sacrifice—the cost of greatness.” Tenzin’s words echoed as Kavi tightened his crampons.

The Avalanche

As Kavi ascended, avalanches roared—a cascade of ice and rock threatening to sweep him away. His heart raced; fear gnawed at his resolve. But he remembered Tenzin’s wisdom: “Obstacles are the cost of greatness.” With each step, Kavi chiseled his name into the mountain’s memory.

The Thin Air

Above the clouds, oxygen grew scarce. Kavi’s breaths were shallow, his vision blurred. Doubt whispered, urging him to turn back. Yet, he pressed on. “Obstacles are the cost of greatness,” he muttered, gripping the icy rope. His fingers numbed, but his spirit blazed.

The Summit

At the peak, Kavi stood—a speck against the vastness. The wind howled, and the world lay at his feet. Tears froze on his cheeks. He had paid the toll—the frostbitten fingers, the sleepless nights, the lonely crevasses. “Obstacles,” he whispered, “are the cost of greatness.”

The Descent

Descending was no less perilous. Kavi stumbled, his legs trembling. Frostbite gnawed at his toes, and hunger clawed his belly. But he carried a piece of the summit within—a shard of greatness. Tenzin awaited him at base camp, eyes crinkling in approval.


“Obstacles are the cost of greatness.” Kavi’s story echoed through the Himalayas. His name joined the pantheon of climbers who dared to defy limits. As the sun dipped behind Everest, casting long shadows, Kavi knew: the toll he paid was not in vain. For greatness was not a gift; it was earned—one obstacle at a time.

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