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TED Talk on Mental Health

TED Talk on Mental Health by Hailey Hardcastle

Transcript of TED Talk

Part 1

When I was a kid, my mom and I made this deal. I was allowed to take three mental health rest days every semester as long as I continued to do well in school.

This was because I started my mental health journey when I was only six years old. I was always what my grade-school teachers would call “a worrier,” but later on we found out that I have trauma-induced anxiety and clinical depression.

This made growing up pretty hard. I worried about a lot of things that other kids weren’t, and school got really overwhelming sometimes. This resulted in a lot of breakdowns, panic attacks — sometimes I was super productive, and other days I couldn’t get anything done.

Some semesters I used all of those rest days to the fullest. Others, I didn’t need any at all. But the fact that they were always an option is what kept me a happy, healthy and successful student.

Now I’m using those skills that I learned as a kid to help other students with mental health challenges. I’m here today to offer you some insight into the world of teenage mental health. What’s going on, how did we get here and what can we do?

But first you need to understand one thing. While not everyone has a diagnosed mental illness like I do, absolutely everyone — all of you have mental health. All of us have a brain that needs to be cared for in similar ways that we care for our physical well-being.

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