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A 48-Year-Old Man Has Overcome His Disability To Take Care Of His Paralyzed Mother


Despite being disabled, this 48-year-old man from China has shown immense strength of his will power. Chen Xinyin had suffered from an electric shock when he was just seven years old, in which he lost both of his arms. With such a condition, he started working on the family farm. His father died when Chen was 20, leaving him to …

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Father’s Disability Motivated Son To Crack NEET For Becoming A Doctor


It is true that most of the people set their goal while struggling with problems. This is a story of a boy who got motivated due to lacking medical facilities in his village which had left his father and uncle disabled. This remarkable success story revolves around the struggle of a boy named Abhishek Babel from Kadwasa, a small village in …

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Video/Read : Overcoming Physical Disabilities, Rajkot Girl Runs Her Own Business


Vandana from Rajkot, Gujarat had contracted jaundice when she was just two-days-old. The disease took a severe toll making 80 percent of her body disabled. But this did not let down Vandana’s spirit. It was barely an impediment for her to achieve her dreams. She was determined to get enrolled in school for she was passionate about her studies. Vandana …

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The Story Of Solar Kids From Pakistan Fighting With Hope To Live Normally

Live Normal Lives by Day, Become Mysteriously Paralyzed at Night ,Here Is The Story Of Solar Kids From Pakistan Fighting With Hope To Live Normally

Pakistani brothers Shoaib Ahmed and Abdul Rasheed are suffering from a mysterious condition that has left doctors in Islamabad scratching their heads. The so-called ‘Solar Kids’, aged 13 and 9, are normal and active throughout the day, but as soon as the sun goes down they descend into a vegetative state that renders them unable to move or talk. Shoaib and …

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Man Was Born With An Upside-Down Head, His Incredibly Inspiring Story Will Blow You Away

Claudio Viera de Oliveira book@dontgiveupworld

He was born with an upside-down head, severely deformed limbs and his mother was told by doctors she should allow him to die. But Claudio Viera de Oliveira has defied the odds so much that he now has written a book about his life after reaching the age of 40. Mr Oliveria from Monte Santo in Brazil, was born with …

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