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Hindi Poem: Haldighati: Jhala Ka Balidaan

Inspirational Poem in Hindi

Hindi Poem: Haldighati: Jhala Ka Balidaan

It is said that the Mughals were humbled in victory that day at Haldighati and Rana obtained a glorious defeat. Mansingh narrowly escaped the spear of Rana. Mughals by far out numbers Rana’s men. Tired and wounded Rana was headed for a certain death. At that juncture, a valiant warrior in Rana’s army, named Jhala came to his rescue. Battling fiercely on his horse, he approached Rana and took Rana’s insignia on to himself. Mughals mistaking Jhala for Rana, attacked him with full force. Jhala sacrificed his life but saved Rana’s life to continue the struggle. Rajiv K. Saxena “Haldighati: Jhala Ka Balidaan” is a poignant Hindi poem that commemorates the valor and sacrifice of Jhala Maan Singh, a Rajput warrior who fought bravely in the Battle of Haldighati. Authored by Shyam Narayan Pandey, this poem is a tribute to the courage and selflessness displayed by Jhala Maan Singh on the battlefield. The Battle of Haldighati, fought in 1576 between the forces of Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar and the Mughal army led by Emperor Akbar’s general, Man Singh, is a legendary chapter in Indian history. Jhala Maan Singh, a trusted commander in Maharana Pratap’s army, played a crucial role in the battle, displaying unwavering loyalty and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. In the ultimate act of sacrifice, Jhala Maan Singh lays down his life on the battlefield, symbolizing the indomitable spirit of the Rajput warriors and their unwavering commitment to honor and duty. His selfless sacrifice inspires generations to come, serving as a reminder of the timeless ideals of courage, loyalty, and sacrifice.

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