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Victory beyond the mountain by Tina Dabi

Victory beyond the mountain by Tina Dabi

Victory beyond the mountain by Tina Dabi

Tina Dabi, AIR-1 in UPSC 2015, regarded as the second toughest examination across the world. As a child, you dream, as a teenager, acquire and as a mind (age being a number), conquer. We must befriend learning to reach greater heights in life, emerging victorious within the crests and troughs of the dilemma. Tina Dabi secured the first rank in the 2015 UPSC examinations. She is the youngest person to have cleared one of the toughest competitive exams in the country and was also awarded the President of India’s gold medal for the same. Having completed her training, she will be joining active service in the state of Rajasthan.

In her TEDx Talk titled “Victory Beyond The Mountain”, Tina Dabi, an IAS officer and the All India Rank 1 (AIR-1) in the 2015 UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination, shares her journey and insights. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Vision, Empiricism, and Optimism:
    • Success is not merely about credentials; it’s a blend of vision, practical experience, and a positive outlook.
    • To conquer our characteristic domain, we need unwavering dedication to our goals.
  2. Dream, Acquire, Conquer:
    • As a child, we dream. As a teenager, we acquire knowledge and skills. And as an adult, we conquer challenges.
    • Tina exemplifies this progression, having dreamt big, worked hard, and emerged victorious.
  3. Toughest Examination Worldwide:
    • The UPSC exam is considered one of the most challenging globally.
    • Tina’s achievement as AIR-1 reflects her determination and resilience.
  4. Befriending Learning:
    • Continuous learning is essential for growth.
    • Tina’s commitment to learning allowed her to overcome obstacles and reach greater heights.

Tina Dabi’s story reminds us that victory lies beyond the mountains of challenges. With vision, hard work, and optimism, we can achieve greatness.

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