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Abria Joseph’s Best TEDx on ‘Removing Negatives’ [Free]

Abria Joseph's Best TEDx on 'Removing Negatives'
Abria Joseph's Best TEDx on 'Removing Negatives'
Abria Joseph’s Best TEDx on ‘Removing Negatives’ [Free]

This is one of Abria Joseph’s Best TEDx on ‘Removing Negatives’, that too with free video. Enjoy and Motivate yourself. Share and motivate others too!!

Abria Joseph’s TEDx talk titled “Removing Negative Self Talk” is a powerful exploration of the impact our words have on our lives. In her talk, she encourages us to become aware of the language we use and how it shapes our reality.

Joseph asks a crucial question: “What are the words you choose?” She emphasizes that our words can either empower us or fill our future with negative energy. By paying attention to our self-talk, we can transform our mindset and create a more positive and fulfilling life.

The talk delves into practical strategies for recognizing and changing negative self-talk. Joseph shares insights from her own journey and offers tools to help us reframe our internal dialogue. Her message resonates with anyone seeking personal growth and a healthier relationship with themselves.


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