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Quote on the power of thinking by A R Bernand

Quote on the power of thinking by A R Bernand

Quote on the power of thinking by A R Bernand

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.

A. R. Bernand

The Power of Thought: Shaping Life’s Canvas


“The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life.” – A. R. Bernard

In the quiet chambers of our minds, where thoughts weave their intricate patterns, lies the essence of our existence. A canvas awaits, ready to be painted with the hues of our perceptions and beliefs. Let me share the story of two individuals—Evelyn and James—who discovered the profound impact of their thoughts.

The Seeds of Perception

Evelyn’s Lens

Evelyn, a young artist, viewed life through a kaleidoscope of wonder. Her thoughts danced like brushstrokes on a canvas, creating vibrant landscapes. She believed in possibilities, in the magic of dreams taking flight. Her days were filled with curiosity, and her nights whispered secrets of the universe.

James’s Monochrome

James, an accountant, saw life as a ledger—a balance sheet of gains and losses. His thoughts were pragmatic, rooted in logic and caution. He measured success by numbers, ticking off achievements like boxes on a checklist. His canvas was monochrome, devoid of whimsy.

The Brushstrokes of Choice

Evelyn’s Masterpiece

One day, Evelyn stumbled upon an old book in a dusty corner of the library. Its pages held wisdom from sages and poets. She read about the power of thought—the alchemy that turns leaden moments into golden memories. Inspired, she vowed to infuse her canvas with intention. Each stroke became a prayer, each color a reflection of her soul.

James’s Revelation

James, too, encountered the same book. Skeptical at first, he dismissed it as mere philosophy. But as he delved deeper, he realized that his ledger was incomplete. Numbers couldn’t capture the symphony of life—the laughter shared, the sunsets witnessed, the kindness exchanged. He picked up a forgotten paintbrush and began to add hues to his canvas.

The Palette of Transformation

Evelyn’s Garden

Evelyn’s thoughts bloomed like wildflowers. She painted sunrises that whispered hope, oceans that cradled dreams, and forests that held ancient secrets. Her canvas overflowed with abundance, and her life mirrored her art. Joy danced in her eyes, and serendipity followed her footsteps.

James’s Awakening

James’s strokes were tentative at first—a hesitant blue, a cautious green. But as he blended colors, he discovered a new rhythm. His canvas transformed—a city skyline bathed in twilight, a bridge connecting past and present, a door opening to possibility. His ledger balanced not only finances but also emotions.

The Final Stroke

A Shared Legacy

Evelyn and James met at an art exhibition. Their eyes locked, recognizing kindred spirits. “Our thoughts shape our reality,” Evelyn said, her voice a gentle breeze. “Indeed,” James replied, “our canvas reflects our inner world.”

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Written by pragya singh

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