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Quote on learnings from success and failure by Shahrukh Khan

Quote on learnings from success and failure by Shahrukh Khan

Quote on learnings from success and failure by Shahrukh Khan

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

Shahrukh Khan

The Humbling Path: Lessons from Success and Failure


“Success is not a good teacher; failure makes you humble.” These words echoed through the corridors of the bustling tech startup, where ambition danced with uncertainty. Meet Maya, a brilliant coder with dreams of creating the next big app. But her journey was far from straightforward.

The Spark of Ambition

Maya’s desire burned like a thousand suns. She envisioned an app that would revolutionize productivity. Armed with enthusiasm, she dove into coding, fueled by the belief that success was her birthright. But as lines of code multiplied, so did her ego. “I’ve got this,” she thought, ignoring the whispers of caution.

The First Setback

The app launched, and the world yawned. It fizzled like a damp firecracker. Maya’s pride deflated, and she faced the harsh truth: success had blinded her. She needed a reality check. “Failure,” she realized, “is the best teacher.”

The Humbling Journey

Maya rewrote her code, this time with humility. She embraced failure as her guide. Transition words peppered her documentation: therefore, however, consequently. She even allowed a hint of passive voice to creep in. The app improved, but success remained elusive.

The Pivot

Maya shifted gears. Instead of chasing success, she chased learning. She studied user feedback, dissected failed features, and iterated tirelessly. “Success,” she mused, “is a byproduct of humility.”

The Breakthrough

One day, the app clicked. Users raved about its simplicity and efficiency. Maya’s humility had paid off. She’d learned that success wasn’t a destination but a journey. She updated her meta description:

“Unlock productivity with our app. Failure humbles, success inspires. Start your journey today.”


Maya’s story reminds us that success and failure dance together. They’re not enemies but partners. So, let’s embrace both—the soaring highs and the humbling lows—as we code our way through life. 

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Quote on failure by Shahrukh Khan