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Quote on Intelligence by Salvador Dali

Quote on Intelligence by Salvador Dali

Quote on Intelligence by Salvador Dali

Intelligence without

ambition is a bird

without wings.

Salvador Dali

Intelligence Without Ambition Is a Bird Without Wings


In the heart of a bustling city, where ambition and intellect collided, lived a young artist named Amelia. Her studio overlooked the chaotic streets below, a canvas of dreams and aspirations. Yet, Amelia grappled with a peculiar dilemma: her mind soared like an eagle, but her wings remained clipped. The quote echoed in her thoughts: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

The Spark Ignites

Amelia’s intellect was undeniable. She dissected the world with precision, capturing its essence in every brushstroke. Her paintings whispered secrets of forgotten alleys, sun-kissed rooftops, and the laughter of strangers. But ambition? That elusive fire that fueled dreams? It flickered weakly within her.

The Enigmatic Mentor

One rainy afternoon, Amelia stumbled upon an old art gallery tucked away in a cobblestone alley. The sign read, “The Atelier of Imagination.” Curious, she stepped inside, and there, amidst ancient canvases and flickering candles, stood the enigmatic Mr. Thorne.

His eyes held galaxies of stories. “Intelligence,” he said, “is the compass. Ambition—the wind that fills your sails.” His words resonated, igniting a dormant spark within Amelia.

The Flight Begins

Amelia painted feverishly. Her ambition took flight, propelling her beyond the ordinary. She explored forgotten ruins, danced with moonlight, and whispered secrets to the stars. Her art became a symphony of colors, each stroke echoing the quote that haunted her: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

The Abyss of Doubt

Yet, doubt crept in. Was ambition a selfish pursuit? Would her wings falter, leaving her stranded in the vast sky? Amelia’s mentor sensed her turmoil. “Fear not,” he said. “Ambition is not vanity; it’s the universe urging you to soar.”

The Grand Exhibition

Amelia’s masterpiece—a canvas of swirling galaxies—graced the gallery walls. The city held its breath as critics and dreamers gathered. The quote adorned the program: “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.”

As the curtain lifted, Amelia’s heart fluttered. Her art whispered to the audience, inviting them to dream, to reach beyond the mundane. The passive voice melted away; her ambition roared in vivid hues.

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