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Quote on Heal by Jay Shetty

Quote on Heal by Jay Shetty

Quote on Heal by Jay Shetty

If you don’t heal the pain of your past, you will bleed all over your future.


Healing the Scars: A Journey Beyond Pain


“If you don’t heal the pain of your past, you will bleed all over your future.” – Unknown

Life, like a canvas, bears the brushstrokes of our experiences. In this tale of resilience and redemption, we delve into the wounds that shape us and the transformative power of healing.

The Old Oak and the Wounded Bark

In a forgotten corner of the forest stood an ancient oak tree named Eldric. Its gnarled bark bore the scars of countless storms—deep gashes where lightning had struck, and tender spots where insects had burrowed. Eldric whispered to the saplings around him, sharing the wisdom of ages: “Our past leaves marks, but it need not define our growth.”

Eldric’s roots reached into the soil, seeking nourishment. Each day, he absorbed sunlight and rain, channeling them to mend his wounds. The quote etched into his trunk reminded him: healing was not just survival; it was a promise to the future.

The Broken Melody

In the nearby village, a young musician named Lila carried her own scars. Her violin, once vibrant, now held a fractured note. The pain of lost love echoed through its strings. Lila played in dimly lit taverns, her music a haunting lament. She feared that her broken melody would bleed into her dreams of composing symphonies.

One moonlit night, Eldric’s branches tapped against Lila’s window. His leaves rustled, and he whispered, “Child, mend your strings as I mend my bark. Let the pain harmonize with hope.”

Lila listened, her tears blending with the resin as she restrung her violin. The quote echoed in her heart, urging her to heal the dissonance within.

The Alchemist’s Elixir

Beyond the forest, in a hidden alcove, lived an enigmatic alchemist named Seraphina. Her potions held secrets—elixirs that mended not only bodies but also souls. Seraphina understood the alchemy of emotions—the transmutation of grief into resilience.

Lila sought her out, her violin case clutched tightly. Seraphina brewed a potion infused with moonflower petals and stardust. “Drink,” she said, “and let the pain dissolve.”

As Lila sipped, memories surfaced—the laughter, the betrayal, the ache. Yet, with each sip, the wounds closed, leaving behind a melody of healing.

The Constellations’ Whisper

High atop Eldric’s branches, Lila played her violin. The notes soared, weaving constellations in the night sky. Eldric swayed, his leaves catching stardust. He murmured, “The past is a constellation—a map of where we’ve been. But the future awaits, a symphony yet unsung.”

Lila smiled, her fingers dancing across the strings. The quote resonated within her, urging her to compose anew. She played for lost love, for forgiveness, for the promise of dawn

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Written by pragya singh

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