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Quote by Vincent Van Gogh: If you hear a voice within you say…

Quote by Vincent Van Gogh: If you hear a voice within you say…

Quote by Vincent Van Gogh: If you hear a voice within you say…

If you hear a voice within you say “You cannot paint,” then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.

–Vincent van Gogh

Unleashing the Creative Spirit: Van Gogh’s Call to Overcome Self-Doubt


In the sun-kissed attic of his mind, where cobwebs of hesitation clung to rafters, lived a young artist named Emilia. Her heart pulsed with colors—vibrant yellows, moody blues, and the fiery reds of unspoken dreams. Yet, a persistent whisper echoed within her: “You cannot paint.” The voice, like a shadow, threatened to smother her creative flame.

“If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh1

Emilia stood before her easel, brush poised. The canvas stretched out, a blank expanse yearning for life. The brush danced, defying doubt. Each stroke was a rebellion, a declaration that her inner critic would not dictate her destiny.

The Palette of Persistence

Emilia’s studio became her sanctuary. She mixed hues with fervor, blending cobalt and crimson, whispering secrets to the canvas. The voice within protested, but she pressed on. Turbulent seas emerged, sunflowers burst forth, and starry nights swirled in celestial ecstasy. The more she painted, the quieter the doubting voice became.

The Gallery of Triumphs

Emilia’s work adorned gallery walls. Critics raised their brows, dissecting her strokes. Yet, the quote echoed in her mind: “You cannot paint.” She smiled, knowing that her defiance had birthed masterpieces. The world marveled at her sunflowers, their golden faces turned toward the sun—the same sun that warmed her spirit.

The Portrait of Transformation

One day, a child stood before Emilia’s “Starry Night.” Wide-eyed, the little girl asked, “How did you silence the voice that said you couldn’t paint?” Emilia knelt, her eyes reflecting galaxies. “I painted,” she whispered. “I painted until the voice surrendered to the truth: I am an artist.”

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