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Quote by Rumi: Be like melting snow

Quote by Rumi: Be like melting snow

Quote by Rumi: Be like melting snow

Be like melting snow.
Wash yourself of yourself.

Be Like Melting Snow: A Journey of Self-Discovery


“Be like melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.” – Rumi

In the quietude of winter, when the world hushes its clamor, there exists a wisdom hidden within the delicate dance of snowflakes. They fall, not as rigid ice, but as ephemeral whispers, surrendering to the warmth of the earth. And so, too, must we learn to melt away our own icy layers—the armor we wear to protect ourselves from life’s storms.

The First Thaw

A Chance Encounter

Amelia stood at the edge of the frozen lake, her breath visible in the frigid air. Her heart, too, felt frozen—encased in memories of loss and regret. But then, a stranger appeared—a man with eyes like thawing rivers. He spoke the words that would change her forever: “Be like melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.”

The Journey Within

Shedding the Past

Amelia embarked on a solitary journey, leaving behind the familiar. She wandered through snow-covered forests, each step a deliberate choice to release her burdens. The past clung to her like frost, but she persisted. “Wash yourself of yourself,” she whispered, as if invoking an ancient incantation.

The River’s Song

Flowing Through Life

As spring arrived, the snow melted, feeding the rivers. Amelia followed their meandering paths, learning to flow with life’s currents. She encountered fellow travelers—a grieving widow, a hopeful artist, a weary traveler—and shared her newfound wisdom. “Be like melting snow,” she told them. “Wash away your pain, your expectations, your regrets.”

The Rapids of Change

Surrendering to Transformation

The river led her to a waterfall—a tumultuous descent into uncertainty. Here, Amelia faced her deepest fears. She surrendered control, allowing the water to carry her. In the chaos, she glimpsed her reflection—a mosaic of light and shadow. “Wash yourself of yourself,” she murmured, embracing vulnerability.

The Ocean’s Embrace

Becoming One

At last, the river merged with the vast ocean. Amelia stood on the shore, saltwater kissing her toes. She had become both snowflake and river, dissolving into something greater. “Be like melting snow,” she whispered to the waves. “Wash away the illusion of separateness.”

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