Perfect Maintenance of life

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” goes the saying. And this holds true when it comes to all aspects of your life.
Brush up on ways to keep everything — from your health and relationships to your internal happiness and to keep your soul calm.

We need to understand that in a day we have limited time and to bring best out of the whole day we need to divide our day into important aspects of our life.We should prioritize things and devote our time to ourselves, different relations, work, and health.

We can distribute our time (24hrs) into 3 parts for Perfect Maintenance of Life i.e. 8hrs for work, 7hrs for sleep and 9hrs for 3HFS.We should devote 7hrs for sleep to rejuvenate our body and 8hrs for our daily work/profession/job.Apart from that the remaining 9hrs should be spared for spending with family and friends. We should work upon our health, hobbies, hygiene, spirituality, faith etc.

These things will serve happiness to our soul and will make us ready to face the next day. This distribution of our day will help us in maintaining the different functionality and balance in life.This approach will definitely contribute towards a better and happy life.

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Written by pragya singh

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