Motivational Wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life

Motivational Wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life
Motivational Wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life


Motivational Wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life

Reality of Life 

Everyone is good to you till you expect nothing from them & you are too good to them 

Only till you fullfill their Expectations

Reality of Life: Expectations and Goodness


In the quiet corners of our hearts, we harbor stories—narratives that shape our existence. These stories, like delicate threads, weave together our experiences, our joys, and our sorrows. One such tale revolves around the delicate balance between expectations and goodness. Let us explore this reality of life.

The Expectation Paradox

Expectations, like silent companions, accompany us throughout our journey. When we expect nothing from others, they appear good to us. Their actions, their words—they resonate with kindness. But what happens when expectations emerge? Suddenly, the lens shifts. We become discerning observers, measuring their deeds against our desires. The once-good souls now bear the weight of our hopes.

The Benevolence Dilemma

Imagine a world where goodness flows freely, unencumbered by expectations. In this realm, people are inherently kind, not because they seek approval or reward, but because kindness is their essence. They give without hesitation, love without conditions, and uplift others without ulterior motives. But alas, this utopia remains elusive.

The Expectation Quandary

As the sun rises each day, so do our expectations. We extend our goodness, hoping it will be reciprocated. Yet, the scales tip. Fulfillment becomes the currency of our interactions. We tread carefully, lest our own goodness be depleted. And so, the paradox persists: we are good to others until their expectations weigh upon us.

The Dance of Fulfillment

Picture a ballroom where expectations and goodness waltz. The music sways between hope and obligation. Partners change—sometimes gracefully, sometimes reluctantly. When expectations are met, applause echoes through the hall. But when they remain unfulfilled, the dance falters. The once-good partners retreat, seeking solace in their own expectations.

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Written by Ritu Agarwal

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