Motivational wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life

Motivational wallpaper
Motivational wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life  When you give importance
Motivational wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life

Motivational wallpaper on Life: Reality of Life

Reality of Life

When you give importance to people they think that  you are always free

But They don’t understand that you make yourself available for them every time

Reality of Life: Expectations and Goodness


In the quiet corners of our hearts, we harbor stories—narratives that shape our existence. These stories, like delicate threads, weave the fabric of our lives. One such tale revolves around the delicate balance between expectations and goodness. Let us delve into the reality of life, where the interplay of these forces unfolds.

The Initial Goodness

“Everyone is good to you till you expect nothing from them.”

In the beginning, life greets us with open arms. People extend kindness, their actions fueled by genuine goodwill. We bask in the warmth of their generosity, believing that this goodness will endure forever. But there’s a caveat—a silent contract that binds us: the absence of expectations. When we ask for nothing, we receive everything. It’s a delicate dance, where selflessness blooms.

The Altruistic Heart

“You are too good to them only till you fulfill their expectations.”

As time passes, our goodness becomes a currency. We invest it in relationships, friendships, and endeavors. We give without hesitation, expecting nothing in return. Yet, beneath the surface, expectations stir. People begin to measure our worth by their unspoken desires. Our altruism transforms into a silent obligation—to meet their expectations, to be the embodiment of their hopes.

The Weight of Expectations

Expectations accumulate like pebbles in our pockets. They weigh us down, altering the trajectory of our goodness. Suddenly, our actions are no longer spontaneous; they’re calculated. We tiptoe around the fragile balance, fearing that one misstep will shatter the delicate equilibrium. The once-boundless goodness now navigates treacherous waters, seeking approval, validation, and reciprocity.

The Transition

“Only till you fulfill their expectations.”

Transition words—like bridges—connect our thoughts. They guide us from one reality to another. In this story, they mirror our journey from selflessness to self-awareness. We transition from the naive belief that goodness is boundless to the realization that it has limits. The moment we fulfill expectations, the script flips. Our goodness wanes, and we become mere actors in someone else’s narrative.


In the grand theater of life, we play dual roles: the giver and the receiver. Expectations cast shadows, but goodness illuminates our path. Perhaps the secret lies in balance—knowing when to give freely and when to protect our own light. As we navigate this delicate dance, let us remember that our goodness need not be bound by expectations. It can exist independently, a beacon of kindness in a complex world.

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