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Indian Habits World wants to Learn

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Karolina Goswami

Indian habits World wants to learn by Karolina Goswami.

About Karolina Goswami

Karolina Goswami is a Polish engineer who has created one of the most fascinating social media channels to educate the global community about the lesser known sides of India. She is married to an Indian man. Her data-driven work, factual analysis, and her soft- spoken style makes her very convincing. She does not do political commentary, so if you like to watch political stuff, you may like to go somewhere else.

About India – In her own words

I am a typical European girl who never even tried Indian food a few years ago. Earlier in my life, I had never even dreamt of visiting India, but life is full of surprises. I fell in love with an Indian man who never wanted to live outside his country. So I visited India for the first time in 2014. Its not love at the first sight but every day I discovered Indian reality that I have never been aware of and slowly I started to enjoy life in this country which is full-of-contrast. India has changed me and exposed me to a totally out of the ordinary world. The world where everything began.

I needed months to understand this country and feel here like I am at home. But I was not alone there. . All the time I was facing one question: “Do you feel safe in India? Men are rapists there and for sure you, as a white skin blond hair girl, are much more in danger.”

People fail to understand that in a country which is like a continent itself any kind of event can happen. What was more shocking to me is that so many people were criticizing this country even though they have never visited it. The streets were dirty and unsafe, people unfriendly… information that they were giving were trumped up and were not based on facts and proper research.

Changing the Image of India

I will not praise India. This is not a paradise. I will give the information that you need to understand this country, this society, these people. I will tell you why we all should thank India for what they gave us.Eexplain to you why we have so many things in common with today’s India. There are many things that I don’t like about India and trust me I will share this with you. But remember my posts will always be based on facts, information and data.

In my life I have never been just a believer. I am a seeker and this attribute of mine remained the same even when I left my home country to discover the world. In my quest for truth-seeking, I learned and gained knowledge during my amazing experiences. And all I can say is, a person who is interested in only the truth or in other words a real truth-seeker will always find ways to access it. And I have always been able to find my ways.


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