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How to Improve Memory by Krishan Chahal

this is the image of krishan Chahal giving speech at TED event. He is wearing black shirt

How to Improve Memory is a TED talk by Krishan Chahal, popularly known as Memory King. Exercise his tips for 5 minutes daily and change your life.

Key Takeaways from Talk

Part 1

At first, Chahal showed us the value of pie. He demonstrated the number of decimal places up to which he has memorised. He has memorised the value of pie up to 43000 Decimal places.

Later, he discussed his feelings for students regarding memorising. He has a soft corner for them as they are involved in studies throughout the day.

Next, he discussed the common spelling mistakes that students make. He gave an example of “Conscious” word, where Concious ×….and conscious ? He advised modifying the information in such a way so that it catches the attention of our mind, so modified the “S” letter in the form of “Huge Snake”. Teachers give a student to write a correct spelling 5 times, or 10 times or 20 times which can be done by the students even while they watch their favourite movie.

Part 2

Now comes Part 2 of his speech, which speaks about Daily 5 minute exercise before going to bed. Right from the moment you step down from your bed, who was the first person you met, how many phone calls you made or received. In this way, we will reprogram our mind to focus it’s attention on specific things, at a specific point of time.

For him, Biology is a difficult subject to memorise so he used to focus on the topics, in this way, we can memorise a difficult subject by subconsciously asking our brain to pay attention to certain topics. As per him, if this exercise is done on a daily basis then it can give tremendous results. Daily going through your day before going to bed will improve your memory by many folds. In the end, he asked us to write the whole day’s events before we go to bed.

For more TED talk, please visit: Marianna Pascal’s Best TEDx on ‘Learning a Language’ [Free]

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Written by pragya singh

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