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    Azamsuniverse, passionate about writing Poetry and on a journey to fill this POETIC World with beautiful verse, as LIFE itself is a fascinating Poetry filled with astonishing colours. Let your passion bleeds passionately.
    Do a good deed,
    Share a SMILE and
    Let this UNIVERSE SMILE with

  • Deepak Mahajan

    I am Mechanical engineer by qualification ,Sales specialist by profession , Adventurous and innovative by passion !

  • KritikaSehgal

    Feeling the agony of my own struggles and then finding ways to heal I felt a strong voice in me saying
    “for all forsaken and low, stand up, fight, smile and show”
    And that day I set myself on a purpose to serve through my words,
    to give hope to those who had lost it,
    to heal the ones who were wounded,
    to invoke valour in the dying spirits.
    I pen down with the vision that someone somewhere may find his comfort reading it.

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