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You are an original by Gaur Gopal Das

You are an original by Gaur Gopal Das

You are an original by Gaur Gopal Das

The You are an Original is a motivational video by Gaur Gopal Das.

“You Are An Original” is a thought-provoking video by Gaur Gopal Das, a renowned motivational coach, modern monk, and author. In this captivating narrative, Gaur Gopal Das shares a powerful message about self-worth and authenticity.

The video begins with a delightful analogy: A plum once requested God to transform it into a banana because someone liked bananas. However, the person ended up buying an orange instead. Undeterred, the banana then asked God to turn it into an orange. Unfortunately, the orange’s bitter taste led to rejection, prompting the banana to pray once more—this time, to become grapes. The underlying question emerges: Shouldn’t we be content with being ourselves? Why do we strive to be mere photocopies of others when we are unique originals?

Gaur Gopal Das encourages us to embrace our individuality. Just like the plum, banana, and orange, each of us has distinct qualities, flavors, and purposes. We need not conform to someone else’s preferences or expectations. Instead, we should celebrate our uniqueness and recognize our inherent value.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  1. Discover Your Authentic Self: To succeed, we must understand who we truly are. Our strengths, passions, and talents define us. By recognizing our originality, we can build upon it and create a fulfilling life.
  2. Avoid Comparison: Comparison often leads to dissatisfaction. When we constantly measure ourselves against others, we lose sight of our own worth. Instead, focus on your journey and growth.
  3. Seek Recognition from Those Who Appreciate You: Just as the plum, banana, and orange sought approval, we should seek validation from those who recognize our true value. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your uniqueness.
  4. Be Happy Being You: Authenticity brings joy. Embrace your quirks, imperfections, and idiosyncrasies. Remember that you are an original, not a copy.

Gaur Gopal Das’s wisdom resonates deeply, urging us to celebrate our individuality and recognize the beauty of being ourselves. 

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