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Refused by IIT, This Blind Man Went on to Become an MIT Grad and CEO of a Rs 50 Crore Company

He is the 23-year-old blind CEO of the Rs. 50 crore Hyderabad-based Bollant Industries. The company employs disabled and uneducated people to manufacture eco-friendly disposable packaging products.   “The world looks at me and says, ‘Srikanth, you can do nothing.’ I look back at the world and say ‘I can do anything’.” Srikanth Bolla’s life was never easy. He faced discrimination …

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Inspirational Story (Aditi Bhandari) -For 5 Years I Lived With This Pain In My Heart

“In our childhood we are often asked what we want to become when we grow up. For me the answer was always “A Doctor”. At the age of 10 I had decided that I will become a doctor. The mere idea of putting on that white coat, used to gave me a thrill. After my 12th I was in a …

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Motivational wallpaper on Yourself : Instead of being the apple of someone else’s eye

  Motivational wallpaper on Yourself : Quote on Yourself   instead of being the apple of someone else’s eye try to be the apple of  your own eye and recognize your worth and being It’s time to value  yourself and what you bring to this world Be the apple of your own eye Download Motivational wallpaper on Yourself 

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