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Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper

 Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper
Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper


 Anna Hazare Support India wallpaper : Quote by Anna Hazare

India has awakened…the slumber was broken byan alarm clock called Anna Hazare!

For decades Anna fought for an anti-corruptionbill, Jan Lokapal Bill Quoting:

Anonymous Coward 1333086 The government stonewalled for decades,

evenarresting Anna and throwing him in prison… but the man fought on relentlessly.

He started a’satyagraha’, meaning fighting for truth, threedays ago and has been fasting on…

His comitment and sacrifice has suddenlygalvanized the Indian population

and people arerallying around him all over the country.

There’s a sweet smell in the air!

Violation Re: India has awakened!

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