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Quote on right and wrong by Rumi

Quote on right and wrong by Rumi

Quote on right and wrong by Rumi

Out beyond ideas of right
and wrong, there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.


Beyond Dualities: A Meeting in the Field


“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi

In the quietude of twilight, where shadows blend and boundaries blur, exists a realm untouched by judgment—a field where souls converge. This is the story of Aria, a wanderer who sought solace beyond the confines of right and wrong.

The Crossroads

A Chance Encounter

Aria’s footsteps led her to an ancient oak tree—a sentinel at the edge of the field. There, she met an enigmatic figure named Elias. His eyes held galaxies, and his smile whispered secrets. “Out beyond ideas,” he said, “lies liberation. Let us meet there.”

The Grass Beneath

Shedding Labels

Aria lay down in the dew-kissed grass. “Wrongdoing,” she murmured, “is a cloak we wear. Rightdoing—an armor. But here, in this field, we shed them both.” Elias nodded, and they dissolved into laughter.

The Language of Silence

Conversations Unspoken

As dawn painted the sky, Aria and Elias conversed without words. Their souls danced, transcending language. “Rightdoing,” Elias conveyed, “is a compass. Wrongdoing—a detour. But here, we navigate by starlight.”

The Horizon

Beyond the Binary

Days turned to weeks, and Aria discovered the field’s magic. “Right,” she said, “is a sunrise. Wrong—a fading moon. But here, they merge—a symphony of twilight.” Elias agreed, and they wove stories from stardust.

The Return

Carrying Light

When Aria left the field, she carried its essence within. She met others—judges, poets, warriors—each seeking the same meeting place. “Out beyond ideas,” she told them, “we find unity.”

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