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Quote on Mankind by Bob Marley

Quote on Mankind by Bob Marley

Quote on Mankind by Bob Marley

What important is man should live in righteousness, in natural love for mankind.

Bob Marley

Harmony Unveiled: A Tale of Compassion


“What is important is that man should live in righteousness, in natural love for mankind.” These words echoed through the ancient temple of Seraphia, where the High Priestess, Lysandra, tended to both sacred rituals and wounded souls. The year was 432 BCE, and the city-state of Seraphia thrived on compassion.

The Healing Gardens

Within the temple’s walls bloomed lush gardens—a sanctuary for the weary and broken. Lysandra, her silver hair a testament to wisdom, tended to herbs with reverence. Each leaf held a story: chamomile for solace, lavender for peace, and mint for clarity. Visitors sought not only physical healing but also the balm of kindness.

The Stranger at the Gate

One stormy night, a traveler arrived—a man cloaked in shadows. His eyes bore the weight of countless sorrows. “I seek refuge,” he whispered. Lysandra led him to the hearth, where flames danced like forgotten memories. “What is important,” she said, “is love for mankind.”

The Tale of the Broken Lyre

In the temple’s hall, a broken lyre lay—an instrument once played by the gods themselves. Lysandra listened to its fragmented melody, her fingers tracing the splintered wood. “We are all like this lyre,” she mused. “Our wounds make us resonate with compassion.”

The Feast of Unity

Seraphia celebrated the Feast of Unity—an annual gathering where rich and poor, young and old, shared bread and stories. Lysandra sat among them, her eyes kindling hope. “Righteousness,” she declared, “is not in grand gestures but in the quiet moments of empathy.”

The Oracle’s Prophecy

Lysandra climbed the temple’s steps, seeking guidance from the Oracle. The ancient priestess spoke in riddles: “The river of compassion flows through the heart of man. Only when it irrigates the soul can righteousness blossom.” Lysandra pondered these words, her hands cradling the broken lyre.

The Legacy

As years passed, Lysandra’s teachings spread beyond Seraphia. Compassion became a currency, kindness a creed. The broken lyre was repaired, its music hauntingly beautiful—a reminder that man’s purpose lay not in grandeur but in love freely given.

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