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Quote on happiness by Mother Teresa

Quote on happiness by Mother Teresa

Quote on happiness by Mother Teresa

Be happy in the moment,
that’s enough.
Each moment is all we need,
not more.
-Mother Teresa

Embracing the Present: A Tale of Contentment


“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” These profound words, attributed to Mother Teresa, remind us to savor life’s fleeting instants. Let us journey through a story where the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

The Village of Stillness

In the tranquil village of Serenity Springs, nestled amid rolling hills and whispering pines, lived a woman named Eliza. Her days flowed gently—a cup of chamomile tea at dawn, the rustle of pages in her favorite nook, and the sun’s warm embrace on her weathered skin. Eliza understood the art of presence; she reveled in the now.

The Enchanted Garden

Beyond Eliza’s cottage lay an enchanted garden—a canvas of colors and fragrances. Roses blushed, daffodils danced, and butterflies wove intricate patterns. Eliza tended to each bloom, her fingers brushing petals as if whispering secrets. She knew that eternity resided in these ephemeral blossoms.

The Visitor

One mist-kissed morning, a traveler arrived—a weary soul named Liam. His eyes held shadows, and his steps bore burdens. Eliza welcomed him, offering chamomile tea and a sun-warmed chair. Liam’s gaze wandered to the garden. “Why do you fuss over fleeting flowers?” he asked. “Tomorrow, they’ll wither.”

The Wisdom Shared

Eliza smiled. “Tomorrow is a promise we may not keep,” she said. “Each moment is a gift—an iridescent bubble that bursts into memories. Be happy now, for now is all we truly possess.” She poured another cup of tea, and Liam listened, heart thawing like winter frost.

The Dance of Butterflies

As days turned to weeks, Liam joined Eliza in the garden. He marveled at dew-kissed petals, watched butterflies pirouette, and felt the earth’s heartbeat. Eliza taught him to breathe with the wind, to listen to the whispers of leaves. “Life,” she said, “is a mosaic of these moments.”

The Epiphany

One twilight, Liam sat on the garden bench, gazing at the horizon. “I’ve been chasing tomorrows,” he confessed. “But today—the scent of roses, the laughter of children—it’s enough.” Eliza nodded. “Be happy in the moment,” she whispered. “That’s enough.”

The Legacy

Liam stayed in Serenity Springs, tending the garden alongside Eliza. They laughed, shared stories, and watched sunsets paint the sky. When Eliza’s time came, she left behind a letter: “Each moment is all we need, not more.” Liam continued her legacy, teaching others to find eternity in the ordinary.

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