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Quote on focus on one thing by Jack Ma

Quote on focus on one thing by Jack Ma

If there are nine rabbits on the ground, If you want to catch one, Just focus on one.
Jack Ma

Quote on focus on one thing by Jack Ma

“The Singular Pursuit”


“If there are nine rabbits on the ground, if you want to catch one, just focus on one.” These words echoed in young Alex’s mind as he stood at the edge of the forest. The sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows among the trees. Alex was determined to prove himself, to catch that elusive rabbit that had become a symbol of his ambition.

The Forest Beckons

A Chance Encounter

Alex’s heart raced as he stepped into the forest. The air smelled of damp earth and pine needles. He adjusted the straps of his backpack, feeling the weight of his determination. The forest was vast, its secrets hidden behind every tree trunk and fallen leaf.

The Rabbit’s Trail

Alex followed the faint tracks—the imprints of tiny paws in the soft soil. Each step brought him closer to his goal. He remembered his grandmother’s stories about patience and persistence. “The rabbit will reveal itself when you least expect it,” she had said.

The Chase

The Elusive Creature

Days turned into weeks. Alex’s focus never wavered. He studied the rabbit’s habits—the way it nibbled on clover, the twitch of its ears when danger approached. He became attuned to the forest’s rhythm, listening for the rustle of leaves that signaled its presence.

The Hidden Clearing

One misty morning, Alex stumbled upon a sun-dappled clearing. There, amidst wildflowers, sat the rabbit. Its fur was a blend of earth tones, perfectly camouflaged. Alex’s heart raced. This was his moment.

The Capture

The Leap

Alex lunged forward, arms outstretched. The rabbit darted, zigzagging through the underbrush. Alex’s fingers brushed against its soft fur, but it slipped away. He stumbled, scraped his knee on a rock, but he didn’t give up.

The Final Chase

The rabbit led him deeper into the forest. Alex’s breath came in ragged gasps. His legs burned, but he pressed on. He remembered Jack Ma’s words: “Focus on one.” So he did—just one rabbit, just one goal.

The Triumph

In a burst of adrenaline, Alex lunged again. His hands closed around the rabbit’s warm body. It struggled, but he held on. His heart swelled with pride. He had caught it—the embodiment of his determination.


As Alex cradled the rabbit, he realized that life was like the forest—a vast expanse of opportunities. By focusing on one goal, he had achieved the impossible. The rabbit’s eyes met his, and he whispered, “Thank you.” It was more than a catch; it was a lesson in persistence, in the power of singular focus.

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