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Motivational Video | Kill Laziness

Motivational Video | Kill Laziness

Motivational Video | Kill Laziness

Kill Laziness is motivational video by Ben Lionel Scott.

In the Video

Born on May 2, 1997, Ben Lionel Scott is an Australian motivational speaker and YouTube celebrity who is known for his motivational contents on his YouTube channel. Because of his motivation, he has been able to garner hundreds of thousands of followers.

Ben Lionel Scott Ethnicity/Religion:
Ben was born and raised in Australia. He currently lives in Sydney.

Full Name: Ben Lionel Scott
• Nicknames: Ben
Birthday: May 2, 1997
• Age: 22 years old (as of November 2019)
• Birthplace: Australia
• Education: Not Available
• Profession: motivational video producer
• Nationality: Australian
Religion: Not Available
• Zodiac: Taurus
• Spouse/Dating: Not Available

Height: Not Available
Weight: Not Available

Trivia/ Facts that you probably didn’t know
• He is Australian.
• He is a motivational video producer.
• He has over 950k subscribers on his YouTube channel.
• The oldest video was posted in 2014 on his YouTube channel.

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What is DontGiveUpWorld ?

It is a group of people who believe that most of us are suffering from a paralytic state of mind where we just give up!

We believe that motivation is a never ending process.

It is not bound by caste.creed,sex.religion, country, age, profession or for that matter ANYTHING!!

We believe that every person is special and one has got a vast and

unbelievable amount of talent running through their veins…


Perhaps most of us are in a hibernation mode…a long hibernation…

where we have forgotten what we really are and what we can achieve…

We understand the value of motivation and inspiration in one’s life.


Here at DontGiveUp, We want to kill this damn cancer of mind where we just give up and loose faith and hope!

We want everyone of us to unleash our potential and realize our importance !!

So we have tried to bring together lots of motivational content here:

  • Motivational Wallpapers and Quotes
  • Motivational Stories Articles, Poems and Essays
  • Motivational Songs (Videos & Lyrics ) and Movie Trailers
  • Motivational Book Reviews
  • Inspirational People
  • Talent Box (To showcase the talents of our members)
  • Motivational Commercials and Merchandise ( T-Shirts and Mugs)

We realize that different people are motivated by different things. We have tried to bring together all the various sources through which one can get inspired and motivated when they are down….

Only with your help and support we can spread the word of optimism and hope.

We request you to spread the message of hope and positivity around you… And please contribute any motivational content by registering at the website or mailing it to

We Hope that DontGiveUpWorld helps you achieve your aim and prove your worth!!

So Friends, Remember…



What do you think?


Written by pragya singh

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