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Motivational Video: Be consistent

Motivational Video: Be consistent

Motivational Video: Be consistent

This powerful video encourages viewers to embrace consistency as a key factor in achieving success and personal growth. Here’s a breakdown of the main points from the video:

  1. The 40% Rule:
    • The video begins by introducing David Goggins, a former Navy SEAL and ultra marathon runner. Goggins shares his philosophy on the 40% rule: When we feel like we’ve given our all, we still have 60% more to give. Consistency involves pushing beyond our perceived limits.
    • Goggins emphasizes that consistency isn’t about being perfect every day; it’s about showing up consistently, even when it’s tough.
  2. Chasing Pain and Embracing Failure:
    • Consistency requires embracing discomfort. Goggins recounts running 100 miles with broken legs and completing grueling SEAL training. He didn’t achieve these feats by being comfortable; he pushed through pain and setbacks.
    • Failure is part of the journey. Consistent effort means learning from failures, adjusting, and persisting.
  3. Creating a New Identity:
    • Consistency shapes our identity. Goggins encourages viewers to go to war with themselves—to challenge their old beliefs and habits.
    • By consistently choosing growth, we redefine who we are. It’s not about talent; it’s about tenacity.
  4. Staying Open-Minded:
    • Consistency involves staying open to new ideas and approaches. Goggins shares how he broke the pull-up record by being open-minded and learning from others.
    • Being consistent doesn’t mean rigidly sticking to one path; it means adapting and evolving.
  5. Remembering Your Best Self:
    • Goggins reminds viewers to recall their best moments—the times when they pushed beyond limits. Consistency helps us reconnect with that version of ourselves.

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