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Motivational Song: Tu Badhta Chal

Motivational Song: Tu Badhta Chal

Motivational Song: Tu Badhta Chal

Tu badta chal is motivational song by Allen Career Institute.

It featured in the short film “Veerangana” produced by ALLEN Gurukripa Production. The film addresses the discrimination faced by women in our patriarchal society. Through this powerful track, the message is clear: within every ordinary human being lies an extraordinary quality that makes them stand out. The film tells the story of such exceptional women who break societal norms and overcome challenges.

The song, sung by Dinesh Chauhan and Lakshendra Sharma, encourages resilience and determination. Its lyrics inspire us to move forward fearlessly, even in the face of adversity. Whether it’s flowing rivers or unyielding mountains, we should keep progressing, undeterred by false humiliations.

Remember, life is a journey, and as the song says, “Tu Badhta Chal”—keep moving forward!

In the labyrinth of existence, we wander—each step a whisper, each heartbeat a symphony. We chase dreams like fireflies, our souls aflame with purpose. The path is uneven, strewn with pebbles of doubt and boulders of fear. Yet, we persist, fueled by hope and resilience.

The sun rises, casting golden hues upon our canvas of days. We paint our stories with laughter, tears, and the ink of experience. Sometimes, storms rage—torrents that threaten to drown us—but we learn to dance in the rain, finding solace in the rhythm of chaos.

Along the way, we meet fellow travelers. Some become companions, their footprints etched beside ours. Others pass like shooting stars—brief, brilliant, and gone. Yet, their impact lingers, shaping our narratives.

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Written by pragya singh

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