Poem in Hindi: Veh Kaun Hai By: Hans Kumar Tiwari

Inspirational Poem in Hindi
Inspirational Poem in Hindi: Veh Kaun Hai By Hans Kumar Tiwari
Poem in Hindi: Veh Kaun Hai By: Hans Kumar Tiwari

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Poem in Hindi: Veh Kaun Hai By: Hans Kumar Tiwari

He who died unsung, unheard, for the Motherland, who was he?
Countless people gave their lives for the freedom of the country.
We only know about a handful. Others contributed their lives and faded away unsung and forgotton.
Here is a touching poem by Hanskumar Tiwari. Rajiv Krishna Saxena

Veh Kaun Hai: Unsung Heroes of the Motherland


In the annals of history, there exists a silent hero, unrecognized and unheard. Who was he? Countless souls sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom, yet only a handful are etched in our collective memory. This poignant poem by Hans Kumar Tiwari pays homage to those unsung martyrs.

The Enigma

Veh Kaun Hai, they ask, The one whose blood adorned our foreheads, Whose crimson essence graced the cheeks of liberated children, He who fell like a fleeting star from the sky, Eluding our grasp, leaving only tears in his wake.

The Unseen Sacrifice

His life, a vision of selflessness, A bud of immortality, Nourished by the dew of freedom, Yet never blooming fully, For whom even a drop of ink would not suffice, Inscribed in the annals of history?

The Veil of Mystery

His pyre, perhaps unattended, A forgotten carnival of memories, Where even two flowers failed to find their place, The Motherland wept, yet remained unaware, As this unsung hero slipped into anonymity, His legacy veiled in obscurity.

The Eternal Flame

But wait! His spirit lingers, Igniting the torch of a new era, A kohl-lined eye that kindles hope, A heart that beats in the veins of maruthal manuj, Choosing the thorny path of service, Drinking the nectar of selfless sacrifice.

The Uncharted Journey

His story, a riddle unsolved, When did he bloom and when did he wither? An enigmatic garland of fire, Whose hands cradled it, we may never know, Yet, on this celebration of liberation, We cast our gaze toward the unknown, And honor the nameless, the forgotten.

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