Hindi Poem: Janata By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Inspirational Poem in Hindi :Janata
Inspirational  Poem in Hindi : Janata By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar
Inspirational Poem in Hindi : Janata By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Download Inspirational  Poem in Hindi : Janata

Hindi Poem: Janata By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

In view of the current crusade of Anna Hazare against corruption, this poem about the power of masses becomes a must read. Dinkar Ji wrote this beautiful poem when India became a Republic on Jan 26, 1950. India’s population was 33 Crores that time. From now on, it would be the meek people of the land who would collectively rule this great country. Look how beautifully the idea has been weaved in the excerpt given below. An exhortation very typical of Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar. Reader DK Chaturvedi informs me that this poem was used by Jai Prakash Narayan to start his peoples struggle in 1970s. Rajiv Krishna Saxena

This poem, often hailed as an anthem for the masses, resonates with the spirit of democracy and people’s power.

“Janata” (The People)

Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s “Janata” is a rallying cry—a call to awaken the collective consciousness of the masses. Here’s a glimpse into its essence:

  1. The Empty Throne: The poem begins with a striking image: an empty throne. The throne symbolizes power, authority, and governance. But it lies vacant, waiting for someone to claim it. Who will ascend? The answer lies in the next lines.

  2. The Arrival of the People: “Singhasan khali karo ki janata aati hai!”—this thunderous refrain echoes through the verses. The people arrive, not as passive spectators but as a force to be reckon with. Their footsteps shake the corridors of power.

  3. The Ultimate Authority: Dinkar reminds us that true power resides with the people—the janata. In a democracy, rulers derive legitimacy from the governed. The throne remains empty until the masses fill it with their voices, their choices.


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