Hindi Poem: Fifteenth August 1947 By Girija Kumar Mathur

Inspirational poem in hindi Fifteenth August 1947  By: Girija Kumar Mathur

Hindi Poem: Fifteenth August 1947 By Girija Kumar Mathur

The poem “Fifteenth August 1947” was written by the renowned poet Girija Kumar Mathur during India’s struggle for independence. Even today, its message remains relevant. Let’s explore the essence of this patriotic poem.

  • The night of victory unfolds on August 15, 1947. The poet urges us to remain vigilant, like eternal lamps at the open gates of our nation.
  • The first phase marks the ascent to a new paradise—the threshold of a cherished destination. Amidst collective effort, the first gem emerges, shaking off the shackles of the past.
  • Yet, more remains to be fulfilled—the thread of liberation still binds us. The sorrows of bygone days linger like a dusky thread.
  • The age wields its sword, and the nation’s path is strewn with broken chains. The old thrones crumble, and statues rise as a tempest of change sweeps through.
  • The moon, luminous and resolute, faces its own fears. Society, weakened by exploitation, is our home. But a new life approaches—a belief immortal as the Ganges in spate.
  • The torch we hold high illuminates a challenging path ahead. Enemies may have retreated, but their shadows persist. Our resolve remains unyielding.
  • The flame of our torch now burns brighter, casting light on the difficult road ahead. The struggle continues, and the promise of a new dawn endures.

Girija Kumar Mathur, born on August 22, 1919, in Guna, Madhya Pradesh, was a prominent literary figure during India’s fight for freedom.

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