Hindi Poem Janatantra Ka Janm By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Inspirational Hindi Poem Janatantra Ka Janm By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar



Hindi Poem Janatantra Ka Janm By Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

Jantantra Ka Janm) is a powerful poem written by the renowned Hindi poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. This poem celebrates the birth of democracy in India and emphasizes the strength of the masses. Let me provide you with a summary of this inspiring work.

The poem begins by describing the transformation of the dormant ashes of centuries into radiant gold. As India became a Republic on January 26, 1950, the meek people of the land collectively took charge. The poet weaves this idea beautifully, urging the rulers to vacate their thrones because the people are coming.

The masses, often unnoticed, silently endure suffering like the earth’s unyielding statues. Even when bitten by snakes, they rarely complain. Their long tongues, symbolizing their resilience, bear immense pain. But what is the true essence of the masses? What do they really desire?

The poem questions the hidden wisdom of the masses. They are like flowers that bloom without self-awareness, waiting to be plucked and adorned. Or perhaps they resemble a milk-fed calf, limited by the four toys that engage them. Yet, when provoked, they rise like thunderstorms, shaking the very foundations of power.

The palaces crumble, and the air carries the fragrance of change. Wherever the masses wish to go, time bends to their will. The poet declares that the grand democracy has arrived, and it’s time to crown the people. Thirty-three crore citizens stand ready to shape their destiny.

So, who does the poet seek in temples and palaces? The gods are busy breaking bricks on the streets. They reside in fields and workshops. The real deity is the people—their dreams, their struggles, and their unwavering spirit. The poet implores the rulers to step down, for the masses are approaching.

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