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Hindi Motivational Poem: Darr se mat dar by Hrithik Roshan

Hindi Motivational Poem: Darr se mat dar, Kuch Alag Kar by Hrithik Roshan

Hindi Motivational Poem: Darr se mat dar by Hrithik Roshan

Darr se mat darr,
Darr se mat dar kuchh alag kar,
Cheh ungliyon wala kabhi kalakar nahi ban payega ,
Darr tujhe yeh samjhayega,
Tu aatmvishvas dikhayega, Tu darr se aankh milayega,

Dar se mat dar kuchh alag kar,
Dar ka samanaa kar, aage badh, kuchh alag kar,
Zindgi ke har mod pe tujhe dard satayega,
Usi dard ka fayeda bina chuke yeh dar uthayega,
Aur tujhse kahega ki tu aage kuch nahi kar payega,

Par kya woh likh kar de payega ki tu haar jayega,
Teri har kamjori par yeh darr ghar banayega,
Par tu apna hunar dikhayega,
Usi kamjori ko tuh apni taqat banayega,
Aur us din yeh dar tujh se dar jayega.

Darr ka khel nidarr..huu.. ho ke khel,
Darr se mat dar mat dar … dar se mat dar ,
Aage bud, bhula de dar , kuch alag kar!

“Darr Se Mat Dar, Kuch Alag Kar” is an inspiring Hindi poem by Hrithik Roshan. The poem encourages us to overcome our fears and take bold steps toward our goals. Here’s a brief description in English:

The poem emphasizes that fear should not hold us back. Instead, we should face our fears head-on and strive to do something different. Hrithik Roshan beautifully conveys that those who hesitate and fear will never become true artists. Self-confidence is the key, and by facing our fears, we can achieve greatness. Life’s challenges may cause pain, but it’s through that pain that we grow stronger. The poem urges us to rise above our weaknesses, turn them into strengths, and ultimately conquer our fears.

If you’re feeling discouraged or facing obstacles, remember Hrithik’s words: “Darr se mat dar, aage badh, kuch alag kar” – don’t be afraid, move forward, and do something extraordinary! 

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