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Do what is hard by Jack Ma

Do what is hard by Jack Ma

Jack Ma is founder of AliExpress.

Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba Group, is a remarkable entrepreneur whose journey from rejection to success serves as an inspiring lesson for all. When he was a young adult, Ma faced numerous rejections in his job search—over 30, to be precise. Despite these setbacks, he persevered and eventually built Alibaba, a company now valued at $519 billion1. Here are some key takeaways from Jack Ma’s experiences:

Learn from Mistakes, Not Just Success Stories: Ma emphasizes that life isn’t just about achievements; it’s about enduring tough days and learning from mistakes. Rather than focusing solely on successful stories, he encourages young adults to study others’ failures and setbacks. These experiences provide valuable lessons that can shape one’s path to success.

Different Stages of Life, Different Approaches:

20s to 30s: During this period, Ma advises following a good boss and joining a reputable company to learn the ropes. It’s a time to absorb knowledge and gain practical skills.

30s to 40s: If you have an entrepreneurial itch, take the leap and start something on your own. You can afford to fail at this stage.

40s to 50s: Prioritize stability, family, and doing what you’re good at. Avoid jumping into entirely new fields.

50s to 60s: Focus on training and developing the next generation. Share your expertise and mentor young people.

Over 60: Enjoy time with your grandchildren and pass on wisdom.

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