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Broken English: Every Indian Kids Ordeal by Esha Manwani

Broken English: Every Indian Kids Ordeal by Esha Manwani

Broken English: Every Indian Kids Ordeal by Esha Manwani

A proactive, self-motivated woman who has worked as Senior Lead – Brand Collaborations, Terribly Tiny Tales; Partnerships and Strategic Alliances Manager,; Content Associate, Zomato, Account Executive, Hanmer MSL and Junior Staff Writer, Haymarket Sac Publishing India, only to quit all of those and get into a business of hers.

In her inspiring TEDx Talk titled “Broken English: Every Indian Kid’s Ordeal,” Esha Manwani shares her personal journey of learning English as a second language. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from her talk:

  1. The Struggle with English:
    • Esha candidly admits that she couldn’t speak English until she was 15. Like many Indian children, she faced judgment and humiliation due to her inability to communicate fluently in the language.
    • The pressure to conform to societal expectations and speak “correct” English weighed heavily on her.
  2. From Humiliation to Empowerment:
    • Esha’s turning point came when she decided to take charge of her language skills. She immersed herself in books, movies, and other resources to improve her English.
    • Instead of succumbing to fear and flaws, she chose to embrace her journey and work toward becoming the best version of herself.
  3. The Power of Persistence:
    • Esha’s story reminds us that language barriers can be overcome with persistence and determination.
    • She encourages everyone—especially those who feel judged—to recognize their potential and strive for growth.
  4. Lessons for All of Us:
    • We often underestimate the impact of language on our lives. Esha’s experience highlights the importance of empathy and understanding.
    • Let’s celebrate diversity in language and appreciate the efforts people make to communicate effectively.

In summary, Esha Manwani’s talk serves as a powerful reminder that broken English doesn’t define a person’s worth. It’s the journey toward improvement and self-acceptance that truly matters.

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