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Befriend Yourself by Nivetha Thomas

Befriend Yourself by Nivetha Thomas

Befriend Yourself by Nivetha Thomas

Nivetha Thomas reminisces about her past- a wonderful combination of lively school days and advances in her career and shares her path to starring in a wide range of hugely successful films. Her journey to find joy, happiness, and success in life leaves the audience enthralled. Nivetha Thomas is an actress, architect, and an all-rounder in the true sense. She’s an award-winning child artist who went on to become the most promising actress in the South-Indian film industry.


“Befriend Yourself” is a captivating TEDx Talk delivered by Nivetha Thomas, an accomplished actress and architect. In her talk, Nivetha reflects on her life journey, weaving together memories from her vibrant school days with her professional achievements. Here are the key takeaways from her inspiring talk:

  1. Balancing Passion and Education:
    • Nivetha began acting as a child, and her passion for the craft grew alongside her education.
    • Despite the challenges of managing time, attendance, exams, and stress during college, she persevered.
    • Her school, family, and friends provided crucial support, allowing her to pursue both acting and academics.
  2. Overcoming Difficulties:
    • Nivetha faced numerous obstacles, but she learned to have faith in herself.
    • Appreciating her strengths and flaws helped her navigate the complexities of life.
    • She expressed gratitude to those who supported her along the way.
  3. Making a Positive Impact:
    • Nivetha’s journey led her to become a promising actress in the South-Indian film industry.
    • Her engaging screen presence and ability to embody diverse characters resonate with audiences and critics alike.
    • She aspires to use cinema as a medium to create a positive impact on society.
  4. Embracing Self-Acceptance:
    • Nivetha’s message revolves around self-discovery and self-acceptance.
    • Befriending ourselves and embracing our true selves are essential for personal growth and happiness.

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